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DIY Home Theater System? Why Not!

Although watching movies at the cinema is still undoubtedly enjoyable, I would still vouch for watching unlimited flicks in the comfort of my own home, which, by the way, sounds more appealing and relaxing. It gives you the luxury to choose whatever movie you desire to watch with comfort while spending less. I personally prefer […]


Wes Anderson’s Most Political Movie Ever Released: Isle of Dogs

The films made by Wes Anderson are not that fluffy, they have a deeper meaning. Instead the director tends to focus more on personal drama. This is minutiae of everyday life. He has a latest effort which is Isle of Dogs that opened Berlinale last Thursday is the most political movie yet. This is one […]

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Michael B. Jordan Shares Thought About Sneakers in ‘Black Panther’

In Michael B Jordan, B stands for Bakari which means ‘one with promise’. The actor has been living up to it from his childhood to this.  He started to work at 12 and did a small appearance in Bill Cosby’s Show. The year 2013 marked Jordan and Ryan Coogler working together for their first movie. […]

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Kinky Boots: A Movie Based on a Young British Shoe Factory Owner

Shoes are responsible for the smooth walking of humans. If the shoes aren’t comfortable, you won’t be able to walk or run in a smooth manner. Thus, you should see what opt for Comfortable Steel Toe Boots so that you can walk and do your daily tasks effectively. In this article, you are going to learn […]