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Avoid Mosquitoes and Flies during Film Shooting

Film shooting is really needed to have a very clear and clean platform so that it should not attract mosquitoes and files over there. What kind of shot will it appear if the flies or mosquitoes appear on screen all over moving around or even on the cast? It would really look weird while shooting the film where mosquitoes and flies are moving around the screen.

If you are planning on having film shooting, you needed to keep insects away so that you would have better screenshots with a clear screen. Before getting involved in the Film shooting, you should be aware of avoiding the mosquitoes.

Main reason behind the attraction of flies and Mosquitoes

Flies and mosquitoes both breed in the stagnant water. These are the main causes of different types of diseases. One common thing about both of these is that both attract towards the light, carbon dioxide, skin, sweat, liquids and various metabolic activities of animals. Film shooting space is a place where all of these are in large amount.

Light is one of the most important needs of the shoot where you will also find carbon dioxide due to the presence of crowd and different liquids over there due to several reasons. That is the only reasons for having more mosquitoes and flies over there.

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How can we avoid mosquitoes and flies during film shooting?

Mosquitoes and flies repellant Fogger: You should try best propane mosquito fogger which helps to keep mosquitoes and flies away from the film shooting place. These mosquitoes and flies repellant foggers are quite efficient at killing biting flies, gnats, fleas and various other annoying pests along with mosquitoes and flies.

These foggers usually include a large quantity of propane which effects the sensation of all these insects and hence are more effective. If you required, you could also choose cold foggers or thermal foggers as per your need.

Traps: The trap is another best option which enables you to catch adult species. These traps include CO2, heat, water, and propane which when you switch on getting heats up and emits included substances. As we know that insects attract towards heat carbon dioxide and water, they get trapped in it due to the presence of propane and get killed.

Insect killers: What is better than destroying the breeding place of the insects? If there will be no breeding place where would they breed and develop. You can easily break the breeding cycle of these insects with the help of powerful synthetic insecticides. You can also add bacteria and IGRs into these places so that to kill larvae.

Use lightning that doesn’t attract mosquitoes and flies: Most of the insects attract towards the white and bright light. If you want to keep mosquitoes and flies away from your film shooting spot; then try to work yellow LED lights around doorways, windows, and porches. Always switch off the white light resources whenever not in use so that mosquitoes and flies could not get hangover at your shooting place.