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What Celebrities Can Do to Provide comfort to Their Kids

Kids have a very delicate nature and they require to be loved and comforted almost every second of the day.

In our lives situations occur when the kids gets sad or disheartened, then in that situations, we need to search for the perfect thing that can make the kid happy for some time.

Quite often it happens that warming up is a great way that can make the kids feel loved and protected.

Actually, what happens is that the kids are associating the physical warmth with emotional warmth.

This means that the baby tries to connect how is he/she being held and fed with safety and care.

Although there can be several ways by which the celebrities can comfort the kids. Some of which we are going to discuss below:-

Turn up the thermostat.

You can give your kid a toasty temperature so that they can come close to the parent. In some study, an experiment was done that 4 to 6-year-old kids were give some colorful stickers and asked that they could share these stickers with their friends. The children that were present in a warm room had greater willingness than the children present in the cold room.

In addition, the children that had a close association with their parents had more willingness to share. This concludes that there is an association between warm temperature and an emotional warmth.

Serve soup or hot chocolate.

Children’s all-time favorite food is chocolate and soup. They love these things – toffees, chocolates and things like that. If you are a celebrity and you want to provide comfort to your kids, then you can provide them chocolate or soups so that they can eat good and stay healthy.

There is a strong correlation that exists between our mind and body and that plays a major role in this.

There have been several researches in which the kids were asked to make a choice among a cup of hot coffee which is warm and a cup of iced coffee which is cold.


Several tests were conducted as to what can be a great thing for you – warm one or the cold one.

The warm one won.

Snuggle with your child, wrap him in a blanket, or give him a heating pad.

You can also give your kid a blanket or a heating pad so that the kid can come closer. There has been a research that the person that touches a heating pad is more responsive than the cold one.

You can also give your kid a safest crib mattress so as to make the kid comfortable.

Follow the below steps to ensure that you buy a top-quality crib mattress for your kid.

Mattress Size

Take heed of the mattress side. You need to take note of the minimum size of the mattress and the bedding. The minimum size should be 27 1/4” x 51 5/8” and the bedding shouldn’t be thicker than 6 inches.

In case the gap exceeds two fingers, then the mattress is too small.

Choose the Material Wisely

This is very important factor when it comes to buying a best crib mattress because the material is going to ensure whether your baby is going to have a sound sleep and comfortable one or not. It also ensures that there is a healthy spine development of spine of your baby.

This is a debatable topic whether a foam or innerspring mattress will be suitable or not.