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Maintain Your Bike Regulary & Avoid Late Excuses for Shooting

With time, your bike’s parts wear out. There are several factors on which this depends and depending on the part, you need to replace them so that your bike can get a longer lifespan.


Tyres are a major component when it comes to increasing the lifespan of your bike. If you are having thin rubber tyres, then it is most likely that punctures will occur frequently and more cuts might appear.

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If you are riding your bike on roads that have a smooth riding experience then, bike’s lifespan is increased. But, we can’t control the way roads are made.

Usually thinner race tyres tend to wear out quicker than the heavy duty tyres. The latter being puncture resistant thereby adding quality to its lifespan.


Nothing can last for generations. Everything has a limited lifespan and so does batteries. There are tons of factors that contribute to depletion of tour battery like engine vibration, electrical loads, temperature and more.

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But eventually, if you maintain a battery in a good condition then you can expect the lifespan of your battery to be two years.

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Brake Blocks / Pads

Brake blocks wear out if the terrain on which you run the bike is not smooth enough. In order to increase the lifespan of the bike, the brake blocks need to be cleared.

You also need to ensure that the brake blocks don’t get close to the rim.

Brake and Gear cables

Brake and Gear cables stretch and gain friction.

In order to increase the lifespan of the bike, you need to reduce the gear cable stretch by leaving your bike on the smallest gear on the cassette.


On the side of the rim walls, you can find a clear indication of whether a tire is having a wear or not. If you ride a bike on surfaces that are not smooth also called as braking surfaces, then the rim gets to wear out with time.

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Because as you apply brakes on the rim walls, the rim wall gets thinner and eventually it cracks.

This can be highly dangerous.


The rotors are easier and cost effective to clean. You need to clean them at times and before they get worn, you can replace the rotors.

Bottom Bracket

When bearings are placed under huge load, first they spin smoothly and then they wear out.


If the chainring teeth are sharp then it is an indication that it is worn out and chainrings need to be replaced.

Cleaning and Lubricated

Another thing that you need to increase the lifespan of your bike is to get frequent cleaning and lubricating.

This will help your bike to run smoothly even on the hill and down dale conditions.

Pot Hole Hell

Lots of times, it is seen that bikes get damaged due potholes.

Potholes are very common on badly maintained roads and when you drive on these roads they can be bad for your bikes and cause damage.