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Michael B. Jordan Shares Thought About Sneakers in ‘Black Panther’

In Michael B Jordan, B stands for Bakari which means ‘one with promise’. The actor has been living up to it from his childhood to this.

 He started to work at 12 and did a small appearance in Bill Cosby’s Show.

The year 2013 marked Jordan and Ryan Coogler working together for their first movie. Jordan played Oscar Grant who was a young father shot in the back by Bart police officer.

Next time they both appeared again on Creed. The third collaboration was for the Marvel Movie Black Panther.

What movies and TV shows has Michael B Jordan been in?

His first movie name was Hardball. Michael Jordan then again appeared for the Sopranos and The Wire. After that they appeared for opera, All My Children.

The same year he appeared in Chronicle.

Then in the year 2015, he starred in both Fantastic Four and Creed. In Black Panther, Michael Jordan as well as Michael Shannon are starring together.

Michael B Jordan and Black Panther

When Michael was sneaking into the reviews of Black Panther screenings to see how the people reacted there, then it had got rave reviews for his performance as Erik Killmonger.

When the official Black Panther trailer was released on YouTube on October 16, 2017 has been viewed approximately 25 million times.

Michael B Jordan’s net worth

According to celebrity net worth, Michael B Jordan has an estimated net worth of $ 8 Million.

Is Michael B Jordan related to Michael Jordan? 

No Michael B Jordan is not related to Michael Jordan.

Michael B Jordan workout and body

Despite of acting as a boxer in Creed, he decided to act in Black Panther. For this he had to get bigger – 15lbs bigger.

His diet went up by a great extent.

When Michael B Jordan was browsing the shelves at Stadium Goods in New York City, Jordan talks everything from wearing Timbs year-round to be the first to receive Nike’s Hyperadapt sneakers on the red carpet.

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