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Why Theatres Got Closed Due To Water Logging?

With the arrival of Monsoons, the problem of waterlogging is becoming a topic of concern now in most of the major cities. With the going on advancements and the increasing buildings in these cities; water exit during rain has become very difficult now.

Last year, high tide about 4.32 meters along with heavy downpour became a cause of water logging in the low lying areas of Mumbai. Same was the reason for water logging in Chennai also.

This problem of water logging in low lying areas results in the closing of schools, colleges, theatres, shops and much more. It also results in the cause of property of the people residing in these places.

Now, the major question that strikes in our mind is that why it is a really increasing every year and what efforts can we do towards dealing this problem?

It is not easy to get rid of the problem easily. The only thing that we really can do towards it is that to remove the water from the places of our concern only such as homes, shops, theaters, schools, hospitals etc.

It is better to use the best sump pump for removing water from these areas rather than manually.

Waterlogging not only affects the normal life of everyone but it also badly affects the sources of entertainment also. For example, theatres are one of those who suffer a lot due to this problem.

The major causes of the closing of theatres due to waterlogging are: –

  • Location where they reside: It is one of the major causes of the closer of the theaters at the time of waterlogging. Most of the theaters reside on the ground floor of a building.

During the problem of water logging in low lying areas, it is obvious that the theatres may also get clogged with water too. If the theaters remain opened during waterlogging it may harm the various accessories residing there too.

  • Due to the problem of transportation: It is another reason which adds more to the reasons for the closing of theaters during waterlogging. It gets difficult to reach the destination places for everyone during the problem of waterlogging and so at the theaters also.

This is the reason why most of the people prefer to choose to stay at home in such conditions as going out may also result engaging themselves in various drastic conditions. And hence lesser or no audience will be there in such conditions.

  • Security purpose: It is very much necessary for think about the security of the working staff also for an organization. Waterlogging is a problem which most commonly arises in the season of monsoons.

It got sometimes unpredictable that when would be the problem of waterlogging resolve in such conditions as heavier rains can also make the situation more critical.

So giving a leave to the working staff and closing the theaters till the time situations get better is the better option to go along with.