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Tips to Stay Hydrated During Shooting Time

During shooting, we rarely get time to look at anything else. Even at water too. You need to do a ton of work at the shooting. That’s why its compulsory to stay hydrated while you are shooting for a picture or any t.v. serial.

While you are working hard for a shooting, its compulsory to drink water which will help you feel hydrated. This results in less fatigue and you can thus work for more productive hours.

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Let us now have a look at several tips that you can apply to stay hydrated while you are shooting during the shooting time.


While you work for every few minutes say 10 to 20 minutes, drink 10 ounches of fluid which can be water. Instead of water, you can also drink sports drinks, protein shakes if you want. But water will also do the job.

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If you are involved into heavy work then you can also consume a sports drink.

In case you have more water in your body, it may cause overhydration because in this case the sodium content will be greater than the water.

Sports Drink and Coconut Water

In case you are working hard and shooting on a hot day, you are going to sweat, this way you are losing electrolytes which are the minerals that are present in our blood.

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In these cases, you can use water to rehydrate your body or you can also use sports drinks like Gatorade which contains electrolytes.


You can also use fruits so that your body gets electrolytes and fluid both together. You can eat bananas and dates because they contain high levels of potassium so that you can gain momentum and your body can feel hydrated.

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 You can also drink water while you are munching on the fruits.

Weigh yourself

After you have worked in the shooting, you should weigh yourself on the scale and for every pound that is lost, it is recommended to drink 16 ounces of water.

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If the weight of your body is changing on 3 percent or more, it might lead to serious dehydration. This leads to stress or even muscle cramps, dizziness, fatigue and more.

Check the toilet color

While you are shooting, you hit the loo in between. Now here you should check what is the color of the loo. If the color is yellow, the dehydration is not present. But if the color of the urine is dark yellow, it indicates that you might be having dehydration.

Water in your Muscles

While shooting there are situations when you need to do action. In these cases, you need to note that you should consume water and rest for a bit before you resume shooting again.

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Actually, the concept here is that lean muscle tissue contains 75 percent water and thus when you body lacks water, then your muscle gets tired soon.

 Tame Thirst

You should install water filters at your shooting place. Because there also you might be getting hard water which is full of impurities.

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Read more about water softeners at JCER.

In case you are thirsty, you can drink water and make sure to take a sip or two in cases you feel thirsty.

These were some tips that you can take care of so that you get hydrated even during the shooting.