Wes Anderson’s Most Political Movie Ever Released: Isle of Dogs

The films made by Wes Anderson are not that fluffy, they have a deeper meaning.

Instead the director tends to focus more on personal drama. This is minutiae of everyday life.

He has a latest effort which is Isle of Dogs that opened Berlinale last Thursday is the most political movie yet.

This is one of the best films by him and this depicts his growth as a filmmaker and a storyteller.

Because Dogs

Chihuahua-in-front-of-Hollywood-Sign.jpg (897×537)

It is not to argue that you need to choose one among the two when it comes to question that which one is better as only one holds the nickname of man’s best friend.

One thing that you need to note here is that both humans and dogs of all breed are featured as a cast here.

Dog Grooming

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Let us first have a deeper look at dog grooming. Dog Grooming is a process in which a person need to take hygienic care and cleaning of a dog so that the dog’s physical appearance gets better and dog’s physical appearance is enhanced when compared to the other competition of the dogs.

Dog Groomer refers to a person that grooms the dogs.


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Stripping refers to a process where the groomer pulls the dead hair out of the coat of a non-shedding dog by using fingers or a stripping knife.

Now you need to know here that a hard-wiry coat has a cycle where it starts growing and then it sheds as the maximum length is reached.

When the hair removal process is done correctly with a stripping knife or stripping stone, then the dog enjoys the process. But on the other hand, if the process is not smooth, the dog gets some pain.

Nail Trimming

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This one is also highly essential for maintaining a god health of dog. If the dog’s nails are allowed to grow, then it will end up paining in the dog’s toes in the longer run. It will be just like the big nails are putting the pressure on the dog’s toes which will mean pain for the dog.

If the nails continue to grow then the nails might curl which can lead to infection and constant pain in the dog’s toes. This will make the dog’s nails to be highly difficult to trim.

The dog owners might choose to trim the nails of the dog on a monthly basis. If the nails are curled more than the desired, then they will become harder to trim.

Creative Grooming

There are plenty of dog groomers available on the internet that you can take service from. Some of them are Dog grooming Singapore.

Some other additional features that lots of dog groomers include are colouring dog’s fur and painting dogs’ nails.

On one hand, traditional dog grooming tends to match up with the breed standards that are set by the official breed associations. But on the other hand, creative grooming is in opposite direction giving an out of the box look.